Gypsy Family Farm

Welcome to the Farm

Gypsy Family Farm is located on stunning Manitoulin Island in the north part of Lake Huron. Our focus is on being as polycultural as possible while remaining an environmentally responsible business. It’s a busy farm. Spring finds us working the sugar bush where we produce a fine dark maple syrup. Our syrup is produced the old fashioned way. A brace and bit is used to drill our trees. We hang hundreds of buckets which must be hand collected. Finally, there is the open smokey fire where the sugary magic happens. As syrup season winds down we move to the two greenhouses which create special conditions for needier crops. The greenhouses are surrounded by a few acres of field grown fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs. There is not much that can’t be found growing here.

We Are Organic

Weeds and bugs are a part of life. We strive to emulate Mother Nature, not to control her. There is also a very strong interest in mushroom production and that enterprise grows annually. Several beehives see to the pollination needs of the farm and also provide some of the best natural honey you’ll ever taste. Fall is a time of apple cider and preserving. In fact, a wide range of jams, jellies, pickles and relishes are produced from our own crops and marketed at local farmers’ markets. The barnyard is home to small flocks of sheep and fainting goats. Meat rabbits feast on the garden waste while chickens, ducks and peafowl add their own dimensions to both the sights and sounds of the farm. If a tiny piece of heaven were to be found on earth…